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Preview a series of resource changes within the stack


Preview a series of resource changes within the stack.

Create or update or delete resources according to the KCL files within a stack. By default, Kusion will generate an execution plan and present it for your approval before taking any action.

kusion preview [flags]


  # Preview with specifying work directory
kusion preview -w /path/to/workdir

# Preview with specifying arguments
kusion preview -D name=test -D age=18

# Preview with specifying setting file
kusion preview -Y settings.yaml

# Preview with ignored fields
kusion preview --ignore-fields="metadata.generation,metadata.managedFields"


  -D, --argument stringArray     Specify the top-level argument
-C, --backend-config strings backend-config config state storage backend
--backend-type string backend-type specify state storage backend
-d, --detail Automatically show plan details after previewing it
-h, --help help for preview
--ignore-fields strings Ignore differences of target fields
--operator string Specify the operator
-O, --overrides strings Specify the configuration override path and value
-Y, --setting strings Specify the command line setting files
-w, --workdir string Specify the work directory


  • kusion - kusion manages the Kubernetes cluster by code
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