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KCL OpenAPI Tool Quick Start

1. Installation

The kcl-openapi tool can be installed in both ways:

1.1 Install along with the kusion tools pack

It's recommended to directly install the kusion tools pack, which bundled the kusion cli, KCLVM, kcl-openapi tool and other useful tools. About installing the kusion tools pack, please refer to the Kusion Quick Start Doc.

1.2 Only install the kcl-openapi tool

You can optionally install the kcl-openapi tool separately:

# 1. download the released binary from:

# 2. Add the binary location to PATH
export PATH="<Your directory to store KCLOpenapi binary>:$PATH"

1.3 Verify your installation

  • To verify the installation, you can run the command: kcl-openapi generate model -h and the following information indicates your successful installation:
kcl-openapi command helps you to generate KCL schema structure from K8s CRD YAML/JSON file.
1. Translate Swagger Openapi Spec to KCL code
2. Translate Kubernetes CRD to KCL code


# convert a K8s CRD file into KCL files
kcl-openapi generate model -f FILENAME --crd --skip-validation

--crd=false: Set the spec file is a kube crd
-f, --filename='': The filename to convert
--skip-validation=false: Skips validation of spec prior to generation
-t, --target='': The location to write output kcl files
--version=false: Show the KCLOpenAPI version

kcl-openapi generate model -f FILENAME [options]

2. 生成 KCL 文件