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Source: base/pkg/kusion_kubernetes/api/networking/v1/http_ingress_path.k

This is the http_ingress_path module in kusion_kubernetes.api.networking.v1 package.
This file was generated by the KCL auto-gen tool. DO NOT EDIT.
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Schema HTTPIngressPath

HTTPIngressPath associates a path with a backend. Incoming urls matching the path are forwarded to the backend.


Name and DescriptionTypeDefault ValueRequired
Path is matched against the path of an incoming request. Currently it can contain characters disallowed from the conventional "path" part of a URL as defined by RFC 3986. Paths must begin with a '/' and must be present when using PathType with value "Exact" or "Prefix".
pathType : str, default is Undefined, required
PathType determines the interpretation of the Path matching. PathType can be one of the following values: * Exact: Matches the URL path exactly. * Prefix: Matches based on a URL path prefix split by '/'. Matching is
done on a path element by element basis. A path element refers is the
list of labels in the path split by the '/' separator. A request is a
match for path p if every p is an element-wise prefix of p of the
request path. Note that if the last element of the path is a substring
of the last element in request path, it is not a match (e.g. /foo/bar
matches /foo/bar/baz, but does not match /foo/barbaz).