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Source: base/pkg/kusion_kubernetes/apimachinery/apis/label_selector.k

This is the label_selector module in kusion_kubernetes.apimachinery.apis package.
This file was generated by the KCL auto-gen tool. DO NOT EDIT.
Editing this file might prove futile when you re-run the KCL auto-gen generate command.

Schema LabelSelector

A label selector is a label query over a set of resources. The result of matchLabels and matchExpressions are ANDed. An empty label selector matches all objects. A null label selector matches no objects.


Name and DescriptionTypeDefault ValueRequired
matchExpressions is a list of label selector requirements. The requirements are ANDed.
matchLabels is a map of {key,value} pairs. A single {key,value} in the matchLabels map is equivalent to an element of matchExpressions, whose key field is "key", the operator is "In", and the values array contains only "value". The requirements are ANDed.
{str: str}Undefinedoptional