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Source: base/pkg/kusion_models/kube/frontend/common/metadata.k

Schema Metadata

Metadata is the base schema of all models, which contains data
that helps uniquely identify the object.


Name and DescriptionTypeDefault ValueRequired
The name of the resource.
Name must be unique within a namespace. It's required when creating
resources, although some resources may allow a client to request the
generation of an appropriate name automatically.
Name is primarily intended for creation idempotence and configuration
definition. Cannot be updated. More info:\#names
Labels is a map of string keys and values that can be used to
organize and categorize (scope and select) objects.
May match selectors of replication controllers and services.
More info:
{str: str}Undefinedoptional
Annotations is an unstructured key value map stored with a
resource that may be set by external tools to store and retrieve
arbitrary metadata. They are not queryable and should be preserved
when modifying objects.
{str: str}Undefinedoptional
Namespaces are intended for use in environments with many users spread
across multiple teams, or projects.
For clusters with a few to tens of users, you should not need to create
or think about namespaces at all. Start using namespaces when you need the features they provide.
More info: